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 Dawnflight's Poems

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Which Poem is the Best?
 Kittypet Life
 The World Outside
 Choosing My Path
 Never Going Back
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PostSubject: Dawnflight's Poems   Dawnflight's Poems EmptyThu Mar 27, 2014 3:04 pm

These are a few poems about Dawnflight's old life. These are from when she was six moons old, when she left her twoleg nest, except for the last one.

Kittypet Life
Warm and Cozy
Inside my nest,
Food always waiting for me,
No matter the season.
Kind people always petting me.
Never starved, never cold
Always comfy, always loved.
No matter what,
I have shelter and food.

The World Outside
Though my life is great,
Inside these four brick walls,
The land outside
Calls my paws,
Everyday I gaze outside
The forest calls me,
But my twoleg
Calls me too
I wonder which world I should join,
The life outside,
Where I have to survive,
Or the soft life
I have inside
Which way to go?
Stay inside
Or venture out,
I do not know.

Choosing My Path
Now I know
Which way to go
I choose to venture out
Leaving my twoleg behind
Though my life is great,
I want to experience more
Will I ever go home?
Or will I forever stay out?
My heart tells me to run free,
But I can never forget
How good this twoleg
Has been to me.
Will freedom keep me out?
Or will my twoleg  call me back in?
I don't know what will happen,
But for now I know
My heart wants me out
And with one final glance at my  person,
I turn and run off,
But I'm not alone.

Never Going Back
It's hard to believe
That once I enjoyed a soft life
Now I look back at what I had,
And I laugh about how easy it was.
I always had food, I always had shelter
But that life was so dull, so plain
I never knew of what lied outside,
I never thought it was better out there
Until that faithful day,
When Hornet came into my yard.
He opened my eyes to how amazing,
How wonderful out there was.
After that, I knew where I belonged,
And so I left that life behind.
Hornet taught me everything I know,
And though I may never see him again,
I'm never going back to what I was before.

Please tell me what you think, and which one you like the best!
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Dawnflight's Poems
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