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Hello and welcome to Battle Cries. This forum is based on the Warrior books. Mean while, the Dark Forest is plotting to invade the forest, but they need clan cats. Create an account and join the battle between the Dark Forest, and the forest. Starclan and the Tribe of Endless hunting shall join the forest in the final battle. Find out who wins by joining the battle! If you have any questions contact the founder, Snow. Can't wait to see you! (Also if you join this new forum now, you have a chance to be mod, but you have to be active!)

The endless cries of battles will end soon. Who will rule the forest? The clans, or The Dark Forest? Join us to take part in the last battle.
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 Dreamkit of Thunderclan

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PostSubject: Dreamkit of Thunderclan   Tue May 19, 2015 1:40 am

Name: Current Name: Dreamkit
Apprentice Name: Dreampaw
Warrior name: Dreamheart

Gender: She cat

Age:3 moons old


Personality: Dreamkit is somewhat shy at first and quiet. Though playful and adventurous and loves to day dream about different things. As an apprentice Dreamkit is going to be a little bit outgoing but a bit nervous,though on top of that she is loyal kind hearted and brave. As a warrior she is more outgoing and friendly.

Family; Mother: Snow (Rouge/deceased)
Father:Ash (rouge/ alive but never knew about Dreamkit)

History: Dreamkit was born to two rouges,Snow and Ash, she was the only surviving kit of a litter of three after a fox descovered her mother's den. Snow managed to escape with Dream (Dreamkit) and hadn't made it very far but just far enough that when Snow died and the Fox left taking the other two kits,a patrol from Thunderclan had found them. After not much of a desicion Dream was taken back to Thunderclan. Though she has a small recollection of the day she lost her family.


Roleplay Sample:
It was a peaceful day for Snow and her three kits,Dream,Amber,and Gorse. All three kits were curled up at the she cat's belly sleeping quietly while their mother watched over them in the den that was dug out. Though the peaceful day soon turned bad. There was a rustle at the one of the two entrances to the den and a familiar color of a long muzzle pushed it's way in with a growl. Snow fur bristled as she started to pick her the kits up. Only having some issues. Dream mewed loudly when she had been suddenly woken from her nap. She could feel movement and a burst of air as sunlight shone on the kits face momentarily. It felt like a bumpy ride to the small she kit while she also mewed because of it. Though with the warmth of her two brothers close beside her as they were carried she seemed to relax. That was only until there was a big bump then a whine which she knew was one of her brothers. Snow had tripped but the fox was already catching up. She nudged the dark Tom kit into a bush hoping he would still be there when she returned before she took off again . Though by now the fox had caught up and got ahold of Snow making her lose her grip on Dream and Amber. Amber being the smallest of the two when let go so quickly as their mother was jerked went flying into a tree and not a sound was heard. Dream had landed just nearby her brother Amber, and continued to mewl quite terrified. Until everything became silent all at once after the noise stopped and then the small kit heard heavy paw steps and then a voice,more then one talking. Dream didn't have her eyes opened yet but knew almost what happened by just the sound of it. The small kit shoved and tears were in her little closed eyes.
(Ok so I might've gotten a little carried away with my rp sample but eh )
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Dark Forest Kit

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PostSubject: Re: Dreamkit of Thunderclan   Wed May 20, 2015 12:59 pm


Welcome to BC! If you have any questions you can just pm me (:
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PostSubject: Re: Dreamkit of Thunderclan   Wed May 20, 2015 1:00 pm

Ok and Thanks Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Dreamkit of Thunderclan   

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Dreamkit of Thunderclan
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