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Hello and welcome to Battle Cries. This forum is based on the Warrior books. Mean while, the Dark Forest is plotting to invade the forest, but they need clan cats. Create an account and join the battle between the Dark Forest, and the forest. Starclan and the Tribe of Endless hunting shall join the forest in the final battle. Find out who wins by joining the battle! If you have any questions contact the founder, Snow. Can't wait to see you! (Also if you join this new forum now, you have a chance to be mod, but you have to be active!)

The endless cries of battles will end soon. Who will rule the forest? The clans, or The Dark Forest? Join us to take part in the last battle.
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 Bluetalon's Creation

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36 Moons

Blue-gray with white paws and tail tip, blue eyes

Loyal, fierce, brave, witty, intense, commanding, protective




Hates any cat who breaks the code

Roleplay Sample:
Blueclaw strode towards the Great Rock, holding her head up high and proudly. Though she had been deputy for moons, she could not help but act as if she was new. Nodding to the cats of the clans as she passed by, the she-cat followed Shadowstar towards the rock, pausing at the base. Flicking her tail at the other deputies, she returned her blue gaze to the gathering. It was not long before the moon reached it's peak, and the leaders began speaking. The blue-gray she-cat shifted her thoughts elsewhere, despite usually keeping her attention on her Clan. There was just something about that tom she could not shake. Hissing under her breath, she payed no mind when a most dreadful announcement came.

(idk, just made stuff up)
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Dark Forest Kit

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Welcome to BC!
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Bluetalon's Creation
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