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Hello and welcome to Battle Cries. This forum is based on the Warrior books. Mean while, the Dark Forest is plotting to invade the forest, but they need clan cats. Create an account and join the battle between the Dark Forest, and the forest. Starclan and the Tribe of Endless hunting shall join the forest in the final battle. Find out who wins by joining the battle! If you have any questions contact the founder, Snow. Can't wait to see you! (Also if you join this new forum now, you have a chance to be mod, but you have to be active!)

The endless cries of battles will end soon. Who will rule the forest? The clans, or The Dark Forest? Join us to take part in the last battle.
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 Fogpelt for Shadowclan

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PostSubject: Fogpelt for Shadowclan   Fogpelt for Shadowclan EmptySun May 17, 2015 7:09 pm

Name: Fogpelt

Gender: Tom

Age: 24 moons

Appearance: Fogpelt is a silver muscular tom with sky blue eyes and long whiskers. He has a claw mark scar or whatever over his right eye

Personality: Fogpelt is strict and is always trying to pleas his leader. He is loyal to his clan and shows leadership in what he does. He would honor the warrior code no matter what and he is always trying to keep the clan in line.

Family/History: Pure Shadowclan I guess...

Clan: Shadowclan

Rank: Deputy, if thats okay

Other: N/A

Roleplay Sample: Fogpelt crouched down low to the forest floor, blue eyes flickering in the darkness. His pelt was battered and torn from pricker bushes and branches which had scratched up against him. As the dim moon shone down onto the cat, he knew it was time. With a flick of his tail, Fogpelt lead a group of warriors down into Thunderclan's camp. Battle cries arose from his throat as Shaowclan poured into the clearing. It was time to fight.

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PostSubject: Re: Fogpelt for Shadowclan   Fogpelt for Shadowclan EmptySun May 17, 2015 8:44 pm


Welcome to BC!
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Fogpelt for Shadowclan
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