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Hello and welcome to Battle Cries. This forum is based on the Warrior books. Mean while, the Dark Forest is plotting to invade the forest, but they need clan cats. Create an account and join the battle between the Dark Forest, and the forest. Starclan and the Tribe of Endless hunting shall join the forest in the final battle. Find out who wins by joining the battle! If you have any questions contact the founder, Snow. Can't wait to see you! (Also if you join this new forum now, you have a chance to be mod, but you have to be active!)

The endless cries of battles will end soon. Who will rule the forest? The clans, or The Dark Forest? Join us to take part in the last battle.
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 The Howling Prowlers

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The Howling Prowlers 2vmtykl

The forest is full of dark secrets, a person that walks by are they really human? A howl is heard from the forest but is it a real wolf howl? Hidden in the city are a group of were-wolves, two packs and two alphas. They got to the same school along with their pack, fights break out every now and then as each pack tries to prove themself the best. The humans don't know what's going on when they hear the angony howls of wolves? But they do not realize that they aren't wolves, were-wolves are slowly taking over the forest as both packs fight for power. What will you be when you enter the were-wolf world? A were-wolf? a human? a hybrid?... Forbbiden love lurks in the school, bloodsheds are fought of pack territory, mourns are heard as loved ones die..., what will become of these packs... Chose your fate wisely it could lead to a wrong choice. Wrong choices could be deadly...

Our forum is about were-wolves and humans, you can chose to become anyone you would like. In this forum you can chose to be a pack were-wolf or a loner along with human rp. We are a fun and new forum as well looking for staff help, all admin places are filled but Mods are in search.. ALL high ranks are available ! Join Our forum today!
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The Howling Prowlers
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