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Hello and welcome to Battle Cries. This forum is based on the Warrior books. Mean while, the Dark Forest is plotting to invade the forest, but they need clan cats. Create an account and join the battle between the Dark Forest, and the forest. Starclan and the Tribe of Endless hunting shall join the forest in the final battle. Find out who wins by joining the battle! If you have any questions contact the founder, Snow. Can't wait to see you! (Also if you join this new forum now, you have a chance to be mod, but you have to be active!)

The endless cries of battles will end soon. Who will rule the forest? The clans, or The Dark Forest? Join us to take part in the last battle.
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 Pinestar of the Dark Forest

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Pinestar of the Dark Forest 2yjoqja


Kittypet- Chocola
Loner- Pine
Apprentice- Pinepaw
Warrior- Pinefall
Current- Pinestar


78 (6.5 years) Moons at death. Really, she'd be at around 20 years.

Pine has a short, sleek brown pelt. She has rather large ears, making it practically impossible to sneak up on her. She has round, piercing olive eyes (I dunno if that’s okay or not... practically on every good pic I found, they had really piercing eyes...)on an elegantly-shaped face. Her body is long and slim with long legs. Her  claws are razor sharp, with fiercely long fangs. She has a thin, yet very long tail.

On the outside, many would wonder why such an innocent looking cat would belong in the Dark Forest. She even has that sleek, soft pelt of a kittypet. But no, Pinestar is a cold, heartless feline. She’s in the Dark Forest for good reasons. She is absolutely dreadful to be around. Pine likes her peace, though she will get off her butt and train some Dark Forest apprentices and do her job. Yes, Pine is kind of lazy.
But in battle, she is suddenly full of energy, willing to slaughter any cat in her way.

Pinestar is also very gullible and hotheaded. She can fall for the simplest tricks. She can also believe in most lies, though sometimes she can tell what’s true and what’s false. She get’s angry at the many insults, and will her claws will do the talking. Though, most of the time, Piney is calm and well-tempered, until a mouse-brained cat gets on her bad side...

Father- Dusty
Mother- Brownie
Sister: Cookie
Brothers: Fang (Previously “Derp”), Princess (A black cat with icy blue eyes... owo), Tiny (Really a huge, fat cat), Big (The runt), and Meep.
Mate: Onefang (Sturdy silver tabby)
Sons: Wolftail (Gray and brown blend), Firefern (Tortoiseshell with orange paws), Barktooth (Like his mum ^^), and Silverstone (Looks like dad ^^)
Daughters: Strongpaw (Ginger and white), Pouncefire (Ginger tabby)

Pinestar was a ThunderClan cat from many years ago. Some of the elders remember the ruthless leader that led them into many battles through stories that their elders’ elders’ elders~ (@.@) told them.(PREPARE TO READ A LONG HISTORY...)
While a kittypet, she had been known as Chocola.  She had six siblings, her sister Cookie, and her oddly-named brothers Derp, Princess, Tiny, Big, and Meep. Yea, they had a good life. Toys, fun sibs... It was a life that Chocola enjoyed, even though her owners didn’t like the sudden addition to the family...
But then, one day, when Chocola was five moons, the owners of the family suddenly put them into cages, and loaded them into a car (She knew what it was). Then, the car stopped outside the city. The owners opened the cages, allowing the cage-hating cats to flee their prisons. But once they were outside, the car sped off, leaving the horror-stricken siblings behind. Tiny and Big attempted to run after it, only to be struck by an oncoming car. Now terrified, the remaining siblings were forced to find some place to stay. Deciding that searching on their own would be better, the cats agreed to meet up at the place they had been abandoned.

So, Chocola decided to go into the woods. She had smelled an unusual scent (Meep...). Curiosity made the feline go forward. But when she went further into the “Territory”, she had been met by a patrol of feral cats (ShadowClan). They accused her of trespassing, before attacking her. Nearly bleeding to death, and filled with fury, the cat fled. But she was stopped by yet another patrol (ThunderClan). They had taken the kit to the Medicine Cat. After having her wounds treated, she told them she needed to find her brothers and sister. They said she could come back anything.

So, away the cat went back to the meeting place. But her siblings never showed up. Filled with dread and anger, the cat went back to ThunderClan. So they accepted her as a Clan cat, and she was raised in the nursery for a moon, before being made into an apprentice. Her given mentor was a black and grey she-cat named Moonfrost, and had been given the name “Pinepaw”. The cat had been surprisingly kind to the feline when she was a kit, so the leader at that time, Brightstar, decided she would be a perfect mentor.

Pinepaw had tried hard to understand the warrior code, but it was never in her. She was an aggressive, cunning feline, and she liked having her way. Many times she would argue with other apprentices, though she behaved like a princess around her mentor.
Though she did believe in StarClan, the cat never really worshiped them. She never thanked the starry cats for the prey she caught... She just didn’t care for them. In fact, she thought they were cold and ruthless felines. She had heard of the ancient Clan, SkyClan, and she wondered why “StarClan” would allow that! So, thus, the cat didn’t obey the Warrior Code. =P

Time passed, and Pinepaw had been named Pinefall. She still didn’t obey the warrior code, though she was a mighty fighter, and fierce hunter, and very popular around the Clan. Pine would obey the code when cats were around, and disobeyed it when alone.
She had been a warrior for many seasons, even became a queen, giving the Clan   six kits, until the day came... That day she dreamed for. The deputy position. She was a fierce, yet “Wise”, “Golden-hearted”, and the “Perfect” deputy.  She had fought many battles, fought against predators, and protected her Clan for two years. Then, they day she dreamed about arrived. Her leader had passed on due to old age. She chose her deputy to be one of her greedy friends, Thorncloud, and she went and got her nine lives (StarClan had no choice. Remember Brokenstar? =P).

The cats were pleased at having such a smart and mighty leader. But a week later, they learned to regret that. She had led them into a battle with ShadowClan, hoping to get her revenge after what had happened in her kithood. But she accused them of prey-stealing. And revenge she got. ThunderClan had killed many cats in ShadowClan, before deciding that they had “Learned their lesson”.

And for a year, she led her Clan into many battles, some for poor or fake reasons, others for real evidence. One of her kits even had died in a battle that wiped out many ThunderClan cats. Just to satisfy her taste for power. And now, ThunderClan was even more feared than ShadowClan. Many of the ThunderClan cats feared her, while others looked up to the fierce feline. But the other Clan’s hated her. Secretly, they had meetings, plotting on how they will kill the bloodthirsty leader.

And that day came. Three Clans united against one. With five lives left, the leader was a fury of teeth and claws, making sure she wouldn’t die. But she was too overwhelmed. The leaders of the three other Clans had ganged up on her. Eventually, the leader had fallen, and joined the ranks of the Dark Forest.

DF Rank:

Why are you in the dark forest?:
For being so ruthless... and killing many... *See the super-long history*

I also noticed that there is another DF leader. Would I have to change? (Though, the usergroup for DF says "Leaders", I'm judging there can be more than one?)

Roleplay Sample:
T^T Wasn’t my history enough? ._. Oh well.
~ Pinestar restlessly paced back and forced the stony path. Her brother, Fang, watched her with a smirk. “What’s the problem, sis?” The brown cat swung her head around to face her deceased sibling. He had joined her in many battles, but was killed in the final one as well. He had joined her in the Dark Forest.
Pinestar curled back her lips. “You should know. I just want my revenge. To destroy those puny cats...” She growled, flicking her slim tail. “And how do you not know if that will happen or not?” Another cat, one of her sons, mused. Pine smiled slightly, seeing Barktooth and Silverstone. Flattening her ears with a deadly grin, the feline lifted her head. “Oh yes, it will happen... I just want to know when.”

~ *Evil*

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Well ... I dunno. I'm the first DF Leader

but still

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Pinestar of the Dark Forest
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